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okay, so i know a lot is still going on, but could you give a recap on all the shitty things (that you know of) that happened at the con today? i just woke up and everyone on my dash is upset and im so confused....


First, Hoechlin and Dylan were moved away from sitting next to each other so Shelley could sit in-between them.

Posey and Dylan didn’t like that the last panel question was about shipping, and Posey asked for a new question, them made a joke with the question.

Fanfiction was mocked.

The Sterek campaign won the Fandom Feat of the Year. The Sterek campaign apparently wasn’t even mentioned for their hard work, then Posey gave the award away to a random fan.

There might have been more.

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Did you guys see that Dylan and Hoechlin were going to be seated next to each other and they changed it? twitter(.)com/tifferini/status/492435361080307712 - twitter(.)com/tifferini/status/492435993174507520







Comic Con: Teen Wolf Panel Recap - - By Clayton Davis

Teen Wolf, MTV’s flagship show has something of a meteoric rise at Comic Con. After being in one of the smaller rooms their first season, the show has backed Ballroom 20 each of the last three years. Today the panel took place in front a rapturous crowd. Here are the highlights:

The panel began with the cast coming out, as well as a Berserker, one of the monsters from the new season. The makeup is incredibly detailed and its one of my favorite monster designs on the show. Great work from the effects department.

One of the first pieces of information coming out of the panel was that Teen Wolf has been confirmed to come back for 20 episodes. This was met with plenty of cheers. As a fan of the show, I’m happy to get more time with these characters, but the last time they went to an expanded order the first half of the season almost k’Od the show in terms momentum (they killed off two main parts of the wolf pack in 3A, had a ton of unresolved issues, and then two actors left the show at the end of 3B), plot and character development. The show has recovered a bit since then, and season 4 has seen a return to them doing what they do best, but it will be interesting to see how the show handles an expanded order this go round. Should be smoother sailing this time.

The shows two new characters got significant time in the discussion, more so than say a fan favorite like Dylan O’Brien. Dyla Sprayberry, who plays Liam, said that the newly turned werewolf will actually find solace in being one, but that he doesn’t know if he wants to turn into a hero like Scott. Shelley Hennig, who has played the character that has gotten the most visceral reaction from fans was generally likable and mentioned that we will see Malia grow into her power, and that the relationship with Stiles (fans have dubbed them Stalia) will hit a snag when her character’s parentage is revealed.

Tyler Hoechlin, who plays Derek Hale, is really excited for the storyline of Derek losing his powers because it reminds him of having to deal with his identity shift when he quit playing baseball. It’s always nice to hear how actor’s real lives affect their job. If the trailer was anything to go by, Derek will certainly be put through the gauntlet, not just losing his powers, but leading a charge against the deadpool assassins that have come to Beacon Hills. He’ll also get some kind of happiness via Braeden, whom fans have been speculating as a love interest for a while.


Lydia, played by Holland Roden, on the other hand will be free from romantic entanglement and learn more about her powers as a banshee. This is really exciting as Lydia is one of the strongest characters on the show and getting more from that character is a bonus. The midseason trailer also highlighted a big show down with Peter, the werewolf who initially bit Scott in season 1, and Scott looming. Peter might be my favorite character from the show and he’s so devious that I can’t wait to see what he has in store.

After this the cast took fan questions about everything from the gnarliest scene to film (the scene where Scott bites Liam and the water fight from 3A were the popular choices) to what songs they’d like to have featured on the show (Tyler Hoechlin suggested “Howlin’ for You” by The Black Keys, Tyler Posey suggested “Rude” by Magic). There was a super nice moment where a fan broke down in tears, and I’m talking Claire Danes ugly cry bawling) and got a hug and signed name card from Dylan.What I liked was how honest the cast and crew was. Hearing Jeff Davis talk about his hopes for Malia and advancing her during the two month time jump, and the reaction was a cool thing to see from the usually buttoned up EP. He also told us that fan favorite Danny would be in this season, saying we haven’t seen the last of them. Also was nice to hear Tyler Posey get asked about being a person of color leading a TV show, even as he mentioned that they don’t really talk about it on the show.

The panel ended on a bit of an awkward note when a fan asked about what non-canon relationships the actors “shipped.” Teen Wolf fans are super vocal about their ships and its no surprise was met with some awkwardness. What cause some issue was Tyler Posey’s response of asking the person who asked to think of a better question since it was the last one. The pin drop you heard was the hush that went over the room. Posey has had some issues in the past with his comments on Teen Wolf ships, but it felt so out-of-place for him to act this way on a bigger stage, especially to a fan when the question wasn’t even about slash ships or Sterek, the one that has caused him the most issue in fandom. These moments happen at Comic Con (remember that story I told y’all about Michelle Rodriguez last year) but it seemed to deflate the joy surrounding many of Posey’s answers prior to. Luckily, the others picked up the slack. Jeff Davis joked that he shipped Stiles with Kate (a character so unrepentantly evil its clear this was trolling) and Hoechlin suggested Melissa McCall and Sheriff Stilinski get together.

Other than this moment the panel went well. I’ve attached the untreated audio for the panel and the midseason trailer below. Teen Wolf airs on Mondays at 10/9c on MTV.

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"Overreacting" is bullshit used to shame people (women) for their emotions and to keep them in their place. There's no such thing as overreacting when it comes to feeling upset.

"He’s going to have to figure out who he is when he’s not a werewolf. It’s being a human, moving on and finding your identity."

Tyler Hoechlin on Derek’s big change [x] (via teenwolfgossip)

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