Anonymous asked:
Malia Tate is the bae she ain't even been human enough to be plottin' I don't think she's a bad person idgi what in canon suggests she is?


ah, you’re assuming she’s what she’s presented as

now i want to point out I actually quite like the character, I just do not trust her at all

however everything involving her since she was first introduced has been suspicious

in “more bad than good” (note the episode title, the show is telling us saving malia was more BAD than good) her eyes are both silver (like the nogitsune) and blue, when she appears in eichen house her punch shows stiles exactly where to go, and this is something she continues. SHE is the one who leads Stiles to the body in the wall. She is the one who goes straight to Scott despite neither Morell or Stiles confirming that. SHE is the one to find the bone dagger in Mexico, she is the one to break the Aiden code, SHE is the one who points out that they need Meredith, she is the one who uses the exact same colour code as Stiles, she is the one who points out Lydia’s code in the math book

then she is the one who tells Derek to think like Stiles, like a detective, to look for a buddhist not a wolf pack, and she’s the one who smells the gunpowder but not the poison/virus

yes, she’s exactly on the level there nonny

Anonymous asked:
You believing the direction the mid season trailer is leading you in? Am I allowed to laugh? Who the fuck is Anakin? Was he character from season 1 I didn't watch it