Spiderman 3 is why Spiderman isn’t allowed in the Avengers


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I’m laughing because it just hit me that they canonically had to ask for each other’s number at some point

someone with talent draw this for me in character please omg it would be so good

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Chess is a metaphor for the game of life in Teen Wolf.


Jennifer: Idioms, analogies, metaphors and similes. Idioms are somewhat of a secret to people that know the language or the culture. There are phrases that only make sense if you know keywords. Saying ‘jump the gun’ is meaningful only if you know about the starting gun in a race. Or a phrase, like ‘seeing the whole board’…
Stiles: Chess…
Jennifer: That’s right Stiles. Do you play?
Stiles: No. My father does.

Well this is almost definitely 100% not true because Stiles had in his room not one but two chessboards.

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